mercoledì 17 febbraio 2010


This is for our great friends in Munich, the Sedlmaiers.

Thank you for all the small and big adventures we had together through these years.
Thank you also for all the time you let us spend at your beautiful house (near Oktoberfest and the bakery!!).

Thomas, I know Sergio will never love me as he loves you, but I understand you met before!
I can imagine our future: Kathrin and me on a beach watching two old men windsurfing...

So, follow our diary: free lessons of italian for Kathrin.

A lot of kisses to your kids and see you next summer.

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  1. griassd's eich ihr lieben pastas,

    lovely simona, don't be afraid, you have some things to offer to shagga-boy which i can not compete against...;-)
    yes, great to imagine that we still do the humid bay being 60.....
    well, we are curious to read your diary and i am really happy for you pastas!

    have a lot of experience and TAKE CARE!
    los sedlmaieros