domenica 24 gennaio 2010

Special for travelling friends

Nicola, me, Erin & Alison aka Sergio's Angels in Morocco.

I'm sorry, girls, that this blog is mostly in italian (you can use one of those stupid internet translators!).
Maybe this long trip will help me to improve my english or you can learn a bit of italian here, not only "buongiorno e pizza".
I'll try to update this diary when it's possible so you can follow Sergio and me around Southeast Asia and Australia. I know you can understand how we're excited about this travel because you travelled a lot too.
You can write us in the comments to keep in touch during these months. This will be useful especially for Erin beacause you'll know when we're arriving to Melbourne and you have to warm up the barbecue!

A ship in a harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for. (William Shedd)

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